Why Skydiving Should Be On Your Bucketlist




It’s something everyone should do once.

That feeling of shooting through the sky at top speed, looking out over the world… there’s nothing like it!

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or you’re just looking for a new adventure, here are the reasons skydiving has got to be on your bucket list:

1. To conquer your fears.

If dropping out of an airplane at 18000’ above sea level at 130MPH isn’t conquering your fears, I don’t know what is! There is really no rush like skydiving and whether you’re afraid of heights or just the unknown, tackle it with a dive! As a beginner, you’ll always be paired with an experienced tandem jumper, so you’re strapped on to another person when you jump. When I went, my instructor had over 10,000 jumps in his career! I never felt out of control or concerned. And besides, once you’re up and about to jump, there isn’t much time to think anyway. That’s why it’s nice to know you’re with someone who is going to get you to the ground safely.

2. For the rush.

Let’s be honest- if you’re someone who loves adventure or a crazy adrenaline rush, skydiving is definitely going to give you that hit. Especially if it’s your first time. My energy totally heightened when I was standing with my toes at the edge of the airplane door just before the jump. As I looked out over the Rocky Mountains, I couldn’t believe I was about to just blast out into the sky. And then we did. And it was awesome. And you should do it.

3. It’s a whole different view.

Sure, you’ve probably been a passenger in an airplane. But when that’s gone and it’s your face against the sky (with your goggles on of course), the world has a whole different view. During my freefall, there was really just one word that kept repeating in my mind: nirvana. The fall felt like nothing I’d experienced- hurtling toward the ground as the mountains crept closer and closer somehow felt like it’s own strange paradise. I remember looking out across the vastness and considering, “We’re not all as far apart as we think we are.” Somehow being up so high and then coming closer and closer to the earth made me think about how connected humanity is. What will your view be?

4. You may just discover your new favorite hobby.

Remember the guy I mentioned who had more than 10k jumps? Well he had to start somewhere! While jumping out of planes as your pastime might sound crazy, you’ll never know if you’re meant to make it your new hobby until you try it! Most skydiving companies offer the standard tandem beginner jump along with lots of other training programs. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find that “thing” you’ve been looking for in a dive and end up getting your solo license, or jumping from space. Get out there.

5. It’s a chance to learn something new.

Though skydiving sounds as easy as just stepping off the ledge of an airplane, there’s a little more to it than that. Your guide and the staff where you book will spend some ground time with you going over your gear, how to “fall,” and most importantly, when to pull your parachute! The entire experience is a chance to learn something totally new and different, and doing so will also make you feel a little more in control when it comes time to plunge.

Ready to book? Here’s where I went. Happy jumping!