Five Fall Cocktails to Make with Fresca's New Flavors

Fresca’s new Black Cherry flavor.

Fresca’s new Black Cherry flavor.

I don’t know about you, but sipping on a cocktail while listening to my favorite tunes with friends is a tasty fall pastime. That’s why this month, I was excited to partner with Fresca and their three new fall flavors to create five fall cocktails you can enjoy. Try these tongue-tingling mixes for your next pumpkin carving party with Fresca’s new citrus, black cherry, and peach citrus flavors. Make sure to comment on my Instagram post here with your fave fall cocktail recipes too!

Black Cherry Widow

1 part Grey Goose Cherry Noir Flavored Vodka

2 parts Fresca Black Cherry

Splash of grenadine!

Fall Fright

1 ½ oz. Bacardi Rum

1 oz. Citrus Fresca

Lots of ice!

Spooky Shadow Sangria

3 oz. Red Wine

1 oz. part Citrus Fresca

Fresh slices of orange, lemon, apple, grapefruit, or lime for a citrus kick!

Peachy Goblin Ghoul

1 oz. Grey Goose Vodka

1 oz. Peach Schnapps

1 oz. Peach Citrus Fresca

Fresh slices of orange or pineapple if you’re feeling extra!

Grim Reaper

1 oz. Bourbon

1 oz. Citrus Fresca

Fresh lemon juice

One or two maraschino cherries for fun!


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