Feature In Greeblehaus Media As A Top Denver Concert Photographer

 My Featured Shots.

My Featured Shots.

I absolutely love the energy of shooting shows and with Red Rocks Amphitheater right in Colorado's backyard, you're likely to see me running around with my cam at concerts and festivals all throughout the summer concert season when I'm not on the road. Greeblehaus Media recently compiled an awesome list of Denver's top concert photographers and I'm grateful to be featured in it! Check out my work and my incredible peers' work on her list! Plus she has tons of great music and concert info throughout her website so browse around.

Featured in Greeblehaus Media, read, "List of Denver & Colorado Concert Photographers on Instagram."

Feature In BolderBeat For Thunderpussy Review & Photography


With hip-hop and pop music at the top of the charts, rock'n'roll could use a revival. Luckily, there are four women from Seattle on the scene to shake things up and they go by Thunderpussy. I recently snapped the ladies in their dressing room and onstage before their Denver show, which followed their string of official SXSW performances for their newest record, Greatest Tits. Check out my feature with the girls below plus learn how to shoot photos like these in red light here

Featured in BolderBeat, read "Thunderpussy Are the Storm the Rock'n'Roll Revival Needs."

Feature In VICE News For Blockchain In Healthcare

After recently attending the Care Coordination & Technology Congress in Atlanta, I was blown away by all of the possibilities panelists discussed on blockchain technology in healthcare. After interviewing industry professionals like Jack Shaw of the American Blockchain Council, blockchain health app Minthealth co-founder and CEO Samir Damani, co-chair of the Internet of Things (IoT) Committee of the American Bar Association Steven Teppler, and executive steward of the ETHDenver Hackathon John Paller, I wrote a feature on blockchain in healthcare.

Featured in VICE News, read "How to Make Millennials Actually Go to the Doctor."

Feature In BolderBeat For J.D. King Music Video

J.D. King's new single for "Love Me Back" is an indie pop rock dream and the video was filmed at Linda Ramone's ranch in LA. What else do you need me to tell you? I'm obsessed.

Featured in BolderBeat, read my interview with J.D. in "J.D. King Just Wants Your Love In New Music Video."

Feature In BolderBeat For MOXIE Luxe Event Adventure

"As you make your way to the main floor of the party, your lantern shines upon muscular male acrobats hanging in hoops from the ceiling, women in lingerie cascading around the dance floor on stilts, and various masked people feeding patrons cotton candy by hand."

And that's just the beginning. 

Featured in BolderBeat, read my MOXIE Luxe Denver adventure: "MOXIE Luxe Aims To Blur The Line Of Performer And Observer With Immersive Denver Parties."

Feature In BolderBeat For Cisco The Nomad & Denver Gentrification Interview

Denver's gentrification has been a hot topic as of late, so I sat down with native Cisco The Nomad to talk about growing up in Denver, how gentrification is affecting artists in the music scene, and what he's doing to support the Mile High city's local hip-hop scene. I also snapped all of the photographs in this profile!

Featured in BolderBeat, check out "Cisco The Nomad On The City's Gentrification: Denver First, Always."