For the past three years, I’ve been freelancing my content creation services. From writing press releases and providing public relations services to creating branding campaigns and running live events, if you need assistance on your next content adventure, please connect with me! Below are my most recent freelance portfolio works. To see a longer list of brands I’ve worked with and more services I create in, click here.

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ETHDenver Communications Executive

ETHDenver is the third largest Ethereum hackathon in the world, and for their upcoming 2019 event, I have been brought on to their wonderful team as their Communications Executive. Creating press releases, running press campaigns, creating engaging blog content on their Medium, and providing general community management across their social media platforms are just a few of my hats in this role. Learn more about ETHDenver here.


SIXINCH North America Furniture Press Campaign

Through FL+G Agency, I was brought on to provide public relations services for a $7k campaign with SIXINCH. My services have included creating press releases and blog content, press relations, brand strategy, visual content collaboration, event planning, and coordinating post-event deliverables. Learn more about SIXINCH here.


BolderBeat Media Content Creation

For the past three years, I’ve been on both sides of the press fence in this role! I’ve created campaign content for companies like AEG Worldwide, Atlantic Records, BMG: The New Music Company, Grandstand Media, Live Nation, Red Bull Sound Select, and Republic Records. Simultaneously, I’ve crafted press releases and interview pitches for artists and photographers, reviewed live events, photographed shows, and worked on branding, advertising, and social media strategy. See some of my published features for BolderBeat here; follow this link for more on BolderBeat.


MARKET Protocol Content Writing

My piece with VICE News was my intro into the blockchain world, and fortunately MARKET Protocol hired me to write for them shortly afterward because I became obsessed with this tech! “Understanding the DEX Revolution” and “The History of Derivatives Trading” were two of the topics they wanted covered; the press release I crafted announced their partnership with MakerDAO. Learn more about MARKET Protocol here.


INDX Guru Content Writing

I love writing in the technology space, so I was excited when INDX.GURU hired me to create content for their Medium, Reddit, & Telegram accounts. Topics covered included “How to Identify Up and Coming Cryptocurrencies,” “How Institutional Investors Feel About Crypto Assets,” and “What the Ethereum Crash Means to the Crypto Market.” Check out more on INDX at this link.


GenerationYM Agency Influencer Campaigns

Through my work with GenerationYM, I learned the ins and outs of influencer marketing. Managing clients like Jenna Marbles, who has 18+ million YouTube subscribers, allowed me to be involved in influencer campaigns, pitching sponsorship deals, writing press releases and blog content, measuring YouTube and other social media analytics, product writing, and more. Check out what this company has been up to lately here.


Yelp Photographer

Yelp has hired me for a number of events to provide photography services and post-event deliverables. I even explored one of Kimbal Musks newest NextDoor concept restaurants on one our our content adventures together! You can see my photos on their Facebook page; learn more about Yelp’s services at this link.